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Venetian Mask Musica Gatto Oliani Stucco Gold

Price: $60.00
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Item Number: SL-M359 Dscf0040
The profession of mask making was founded in Venice, Italy in April 1436 by the Masters of the Painters Guild.  The tradition of hand crafting masks has remained relatively unchanged for hundreds of years. This mask is the work of Franco, one of the few master mask makers in Venice.
The artist presses papier mache into molds and coats the mask with plaster. He then applies a second layer of papier mache, lines the back of the mask with gauze and places it in an oven to stiffen it. Finally, the edges are trimmed and final product handpainted and decorated. The stunning and authentic artistry is  appreciated by collectors around the world but even one in your home will be a special treasure to enjoy every day.  As a special gift, choose one to suit the person or the home or for a  passion for music or the arts. 
The perfect gift of history, beauty and art --for any occasion, alone or with a box of chocolates.
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