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Available online soon !!! It is no secret that wear and tear to the skin is often primarily attributed to the free radicals and harsh conditions of the sun and pollution present in the environment. Over time this daily exposure is greatly damaging to the skin cells, and is the primary cause of premature signs of “aging”. Modern Science along with the FDA have acknowledged the benefits and high value that olive oil has for the heart and body due to all of the nutrients, antioxidants, and anti-aging properties that olive oil contains. The Cosmetology industry has now acknowledged the same benefits for the skin. With this said, you can help to combat these free radicals using a daily skin regimen consisting of Olivella soaps and skin care products, containing nature’s powerful anti-aging properties and antioxidants vitamins A& E and Polyphenols. Together these nutrients assist in reducing the premature appearance of aging and help achieve radiant, healthier looking skin. Olivella offers you the benefits of luxurious skin care in one simple daily skin regimen. The following are Benefits that have been realized from regular daily use of the Olivella skin care line….. - CONTAINS - Anti-Aging Properties - CONTAINS ANTI-OXIDANTS - Vitamin A and Viitamin E. - CONTAINS POLYPHONELS - A powerful natural antioxidant present in Virgin Olive Oil. - MOISTURIZES THE SKIN - Nutrients present in olives bind with water to naturally moisturize the skin. - ASSISTS IN RETAINING SKIN'S NATURAL HUMIDITY - HYPOALLERGENIC – Olivella Soaps contain no animal fats, chemicals, or fragrances that frequently cause allergic reactions. - PROVIDES A SOOTHING EFFECT ON THE SKIN - resulting from a combination of the natural nutrients and properties found in Virgin Olive Oil.
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