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La Befana

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Italian children anxiously await the arrival of Befana, the Christmas witch who brings them gifts during the celebration of the Epiphany, twelve days after Christmas. In fact, the name Befana comes from the Italian name of that feast day, Epifania. Befana has been delivering gifts to children for almost 2000 years. 
Here is her story: Long ago, Befana was an old woman who lived alone on a farm in the hills of Tuscany. She lived with her chickens and pets and worked from morning until night. One day, she heard bells and saw three men on camels coming her way. They were dressed in splendid clothes and Befana knew they must be kings. They greeted her and she asked where they were going. "We have traveled far," they said, "looking for the Christ Child in Bethlehem. We follow that yonder star. Why don't you come with us? But we must hurry, so as not to lose sight of the star." "Oh, no," she cried, "I am much too busy with all this work. I couldn't possibly leave." After the kings left, Befana grew lonely and started to think about the Christ Child. "I will go after all," She declared, "and if I hurry, maybe I can catch up to the kings." She looked around her house for a gift for the Christ Child and set out with her sack full of gifts. Befana never did find the three Kings or the Christ Child, but it is said that whenever she came to a house she peeked in to see if the Child was there. It was never the Christ Child, but she left a gift anyway. Year after year, Befana leaves gifts for children. She has come to realize that her search is not in vain, because Christ can be found in all little children.  By Byers Choice.
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