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Millefiori Pendant

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Directly from the island of Murano come our beautiful millefiori (thousand flowers) pendants.  While there are many mass made copies now readily available,  they don’t compare to the real deal, each individually hand created works of art. 

In short, the millefiori pieces are made by first creating rods or canes, as they are called, by melting glass, forcing it into long thin tubes that create the shape, then forcing it out again.  Now the rods are dipped several times in various colors of glass forming a layering of colors around the shape.  Finally, the rods are sliced resulting in tiny disks, cross-sections of the rods, where the shapes of stars or flowers in the center are exposed.  These are fused together into pendants or imbedded into beads, with designs of random color or trees or swirls or whatever moves the artisan at that moment.  
We do our best to meet color requests but no two designs are exactly alike.  Available rimless or with thin gold or silver rims. 26 mm in diameter. 
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